Leveraged Yield Farming

Farms with easy, automated and secure leverage on all the top farms Arbitrum has to offer. Earn yield on majors in our lending pools with better APY that most other lending markets.

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Why Rodeo?

Composable Yield Protocol: Rodeo is a DeFi protocol that allows users to earn yield on a diverse range of managed and passive investment strategies, though a simple user experience

LeverageUndercollateralized loans

Rodeo is one of the very few places in DeFi where you can borrow more capital than your collateral enabling high yield from leverage as high as 10x.

LendHigh interest on stables

Rodeo lends stables to farmers getting high yield, enabling stables holders to safely collect higher yields than offered by competing money markets.

Composable YieldVariety of integrated protocols

Rodeo’s core leverage structure allows the secure and efficient integration of any sufficiently liquid and profitable yield strategy. Covering areas such as: GLP, Concentrated Liquidity, LSDs, Managed LP, Yield speculation and more


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